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Vacation homework

Vacation homework - Luc Grégoire

Each year, I go with my wife and my two kids in a family vacation. Usually, me and wife we select a destination together, and I am entrusted with details.. I plan the itinerary, I look for the main attractions and pick those suitable for us, I buy the tickets. Most of the time we just go South and spend a week or two at the beach. We both like the convenience of the all-included vacations.

Now that our children are older, my son turned seven and my daughter is ten years old, we decided to take a family trip, instead of going to the beach. This time we decided to rent an RV and drive throughout Canada. The plan is to drive from Montreal to Vancouver and then fly on the way back. The kids are really excited about going in a RV.

Since they seemed so enthusiastic about our future trip, I thought of getting them involved and help me plan the trip. I printed a copy of the itinerary and gave it to them.  I asked them to work together and collect information on the cities we will be passing through. I told they can use the internet as well as books from the library.  I think this is the first time when they both work on the same project without fighting.

The following day when I went to wake them up, I saw a list of the cities from my itinerary, on my daughter`s desk. I smiled and during breakfast I asked how their project was going on. Both of them started to talk in the same time. She was saying something about a grizzly in Banff and he was talking about Edmonton. I couldn't believe that within less than twenty four hours, they already started to work on their homework.

I invited them to speak one at the time, so we could understand what they were talking about.

My daughter said she read about a bear attack within the city and she feared that bears would come to our RV. While me and my wife we were trying to explain to her that we will be safe sleeping within the RV, I saw my son running upstairs. I thought he got worried listening to the bear story. I was on my way towards his room, when I saw him running down the stairs, holding a paper in his right hand.

As soon as he reached his seat at the table he said, he couldn't remember all the details of his story and he brought the internet article he printed, in order to read it to us. It was a short article on the Edmonton asphalt. While I was listening to him, it crossed my mind I should have been a bit more specific with my request for information. I wanted them to learn something new about these cities, but the state of the roads in Edmonton was not quite what I had in mind.


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L'humour est la forme la plus saine de la lucidité... Cette citation n'est pas de moi, évidemment. Cette citation est de Jacques Brel. Mais c'est probablement sur ces sages paroles que j'ai décidé d'asseoir les fondations de ma vie. Mais ne vous méprenez pas, je sais être sérieux quand le besoin le nécessite, toutefois, la vie est déjà si difficile parfois, que de tout prendre avec un sourire ne peut que l'embellir !